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Bmw M5 2010

Looking for Bmw M5 2010?

Buying a new car every three or four years is a good decision, but for most of us, it’s hard to choose a reliable and good car.

If you are looking for a Germany car, Bmw M5 2010 is a good choice, but you should study all the details about this car or any other car from motors before buying it and compare its specs with other cars.

Is a good and reliable?

Generally, most Germany cars like are good, but not all of them will suits your needs and lifestyle, so you should dig deeper into its specs when buying Bmw M5 2010 especially if its a used one.

Things to look for when buying a used Bmw M5 2010

There are many things to consider when buying any used car, for Bmw M5 2010 you should be carefully looking for its exterior body condition, interior, and performance, and other specs which we’ll list them below for you.

Body Type

Body Type


Performance & Engine

Engine Position


Engine CC


Engine Cylinder


Engine Type


Engine Horsepower




Engine Torque NM


Engine Torque RPM


Stroke MM


Engine Compression


Fuel Type

Gasoline - Premium






Seats and Doors





Dimensions and weight

Weight KG


Length MM


Height MM


Wheelbase MM


Fuel Economy and Efficiency

L/KM Highway


L/KM City


L/KM Mixed


Fuel Capacity


is Bmw M5 2010 a good & reliable car?

With a fuel consumption of 21.4 city 13.8 highway and NULL mixed, and a fuel capacity 70 , a curb weight of 1820 kgs, the Bmw M5 2010 has a 10 cylinder engine, Gasoline - Premium motor.

This engine produces a maximum power of 507 HP at 7750 rpm and a maximum torque of 519 Nm at 6100 rpm. The power is transmitted to the road by the Rear wheel drive with Manual transmission gearbox.

The Bmw M5 2010 model is a Sedan car manufactured by the Germany Bmw motors company, with 4 doors and 5 seats.

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Most asked questions and answers about Bmw M5 2010

  • What is the body type of Bmw M5 2010?

  • Bmw M5 2010 is considered as a Sedan Car

  • How much does a Bmw M5 weighs?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 weighs 1820 KG.

  • What is the length of Bmw M5 2010?

  • The length of Bmw M5 2010 is 4864 MM

  • What is the size of Bmw M5 2010 engine?

  • The size of Bmw M5 2010 engine is 5000 cc

  • What is the transmission for Bmw M5 2010?

  • Bmw M5 2010 does have a Rear drive Manual transmission

  • How much horsepower (HP) does the Bmw M5 2010 produce?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 engine produce 507 HP

  • How many torque does the Bmw M5 2010 produce?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 engine produce 519 torque

  • How many cylinders does the Bmw M5 2010 have?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 has 10 cylinders

  • What is the max RPM for Bmw M5 2010?

  • The max RPM for Bmw M5 2010 is 7750 RPM

  • What is the fuel type that the Bmw M5 2010 runs on?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 runs on Gasoline - Premium

  • What is the position of the engine for Bmw M5 2010?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 does have a Front position

  • How many seats does the Bmw M5 2010 have?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 has 5 seats

  • How many doors does the Bmw M5 2010 have?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 has 4 doors

  • How much is fuel capacity for Bmw M5 2010?

  • The fuel capacity for Bmw M5 2010 is 70

  • How much is Bmw M5 2010 fuel economy and efficiency?

  • The Bmw M5 2010 fuel economy and efficiency is 13.8 L/KM Highway and 21.4 L/KM City which combined is NULL L/KM Mixed

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